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Welcome to the ultimate spiritual and traditional yoga school. Your magnifique yoga journey starts here.The most traditional yoga center and classes in Rishikesh, shiv shakti yoga school. We are a family of professional yoga teachers and practitioners from different parts of the world. We offer best yoga teacher training course, registered with yoga alliance.

Yogi Sanjeev is very famous for his experience, classes and holistic healing. Some of the world’s most famous people, such as Mrs Ingrid Betancourt and her family, have done yoga retreats with yogi sanjeev. You can find his name in many magazines and guests feedbacks in different websites, such as like Tripadvisor, conde nast traveller, which is telling us about the best hotels in the world and their activities. Everywhere you will find the best feedbacks about yoga classes with yogi sanjeev, who will help you to explore the yoga world from quite different aspects.

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Our teachers will guide and explain to you the meaning of injuries and rest.

  • Why is the issue of injuries delicate and highly personal?
  • Why should we not listen to the body until acute pain present?
  • How sometimes an old injury from the past arises as practice is developed?
  • How and why the sharp pain is a very clear message for the body saying “stop, enough!”?
  • Why should we drink plenty of fluid after every practice?
  • Can we do Yoga during the high temperature or fever?
  • Can we continue our practice during the flu or cold?
  • Which is the common area for physical injuries?
  • Which type of injury in yoga can take 1 or 2 years to heal?
  • Which part of the body we should be careful with during the standard sequence and jumping back or forward.
  • Why we should take sufficient rest at the end of the practice?
  • Why is the bhahmamuhurta time (3am to 5am ) considered to be the best time for practice?
  • Which time is the best for Astanga yoga?
  • Why we should avoid strong back bends after the sunset?
  • Which types of climate is the best for practice?
  • Why we should rest immediately after an injury.
  • In case of slipped discs problem, which types of treatment, is necessary?
  • What we should do if ligament or tendons to the knee are damaged?

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

200 hrs Yoga TTC course is designed with an objective to provide traditional style of yoga, comprehensive and genuine knowledge of philosophy, yogic life, asana-pranayama, anatomy, meditation-breathing techniques, mantra-chanting, spiritual life and much more.


Human can’t understand real meditation before doing it in real.Meditation is simply “If you want to open your eyes,Close them”.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic style of yoga that emphasizes your breathing and awareness. Join our 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training to go deepen.

Ashtanga Yoga

To attain the main purpose of life, it is necessary to do Yoga. Get a complete environment of ashtanga yoga with Shiv Shakti Yoga School.


Learn the gospel truth general and fundamental nature of reality. We’d love to teach philosophy you believing that Nature is biggest power.

Mantra Chanting

Sitting in systemic posture in front of Your yoga teacher meditating on God with Mantras with soft music. Yes! we’d love to make it happen.

Yoga Anatomy

Get a profound knowledge and detailed models of all human body systems with your Yoga TTC with Shiv Shakti Yoga School.

Hatha Yoga

200 hours TTC covers hatha yoga which will deepen your knowledge. It will come out from inside after doing practice of hatha yoga.


Sometimes we think that we’re doing right yoga asanas, although we may be wrong, Yoga adjustment solves the incorrection.

All I have to share are the biggest compliments and warmest words when it comes to Yogi Sanjeev and all his team in Sofitel the palm Jumeirah Dubai UAE. Yogi Sanjeev, the supremely talented person, with huge knowledge, which includes not only yoga, but all in SPA industry, Ayurveda and anatomy. He is humble and heartfelt, making everyone feel truly special. The rest of the team in So-fit members is just like a big family, which creates one of the best learning environments. Their love, care, and professionalism sets them apart from other training programs, and that makes the people feel more comfortable and confident, when they make the first step in the world of yoga. My time and continued friendship with Yogi Sanjeev is my most treasured. Nothing but love and respect.

Rachelle Philippines

I feel incredibly lucky to have completed my 200 hours yoga teacher training at Desroches Island Seychelles. The training has given me a great experience. I am now confidently teaching both private and studio classes. The course provides an excellent base to start as a teacher, the trainers are incredibly professional and they also demonstrate a nice mix of teaching styles. After only 1 month of training I was surprised at how much I had managed to take on board and my training continues to support and inform my teaching. Thank you Shiv Shakti Yoga School!

Vincent France

Yogi Sanjeev - Just wanted to say in a word – Hari om. You did it! Thank you for your generosity to share with us your time and knowledge. I loved the Experience and hope. You gave me everything I needed to become a teacher. The best way to make the jump after teacher training - put your feet on the edge and do it. Yes its nerve racking when your first students actually show up to take a class that you have to lead. But you CAN do it. Leaving Seychelles I was equipped with every single tool needed to lead an informed competent class. The last tool I needed to work on -belief in myself. Once you take that leap of faith it all falls into place. Once again thanks to Sanjeev and his team for letting me in me and helping me find my teaching voice.

Elizabeth France

Follow Your Dream

One of the most significant decisions of your life will be the start of Yoga Teacher Training course. This is the first step to self-discovery and self-development.
Not everyone is ready to start Yoga Teacher Training Course. There are some particular reasons that motivate the people to step into the world of Yoga, such as the change of lifestyle, self improvement, peace and harmony.
The experience and skills you get during the Yoga Teacher Training course you will need at any period of your life. First of all you will become a certified yoga teacher of international level, but what is more important, you will totally change your life and find the new interests, new values, which you never think about before.
Our Yoga Teacher Training Program is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA
All the teachers are highly experienced and professional. They are willing to support you any time. Our priority is to make the students feel comfortable, confident and satisfied, realize how great it is to follow the dream and make it true.

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